Anubis Changelogs
JUNE 02, 2021
Anubis has been updated to V2.0.9 - June 02, 2021.

►ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)


->Added Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle
->Added FAMAS
->Added Mk12
->Added M1014 Shotgun
->Added R45 Pistol
->Added Flare Gun
->Added P90

Explosive Weapons/Throwable:

->Added Smoke Grenade
->Added Frag Grenade
->Added Stun Grenade
->Added Molotov Grenade
->Added Frag Grenade
->Added Sticky Bomb
->Added Panzerfaust
->Added M3E1-A
->Added RPG-7
->Added M79
->Added MGL
->Added M79 Sawed-off


->Added M134


->Added Gas Can
->Added Spike Trap
->Added Vehicle Repair Pack
->Added Air Strike Beacon
->Added Revival Point
->Added Apple


->Fixed not showing all Backpack (Lv. 3), Backpack (Lv. 2), Military Helmet (Lv. 2) and Motorcycle Helmet (Lv. 1)


->Added Bolt Ammo
->Added RPG-7/M3E1-A Ammo
->Added 40mm Grenade


->Barrel Extender (SMG)


->Added King Kong Crystals
->Added Godzilla Crystals
->Added Godzilla Crystals Warning


->Added Coupe RB
->Added Motor Glider
->Added Monster Truck
->Added Armed Buggy
->Seperated UAZ to UAZ (Open Top), UAZ (Closed Top), Armed UAZ and UAZ
->Seperated Mirado to Mirado (Open Top), Mirado (Closed Top) and Mirado (Gold)
->Seperated Pickup to Pickup (Open Top), Pickup (Closed Top) and Armed Pickup.


->Improved Bullet Track performance.
->Improved Bullet Track Prediction.


->Improved protection.
->Using higher SRC is now optional, You are not forced to use higher SRC anymore.
->Downloading resources/maps is now available without any issues.
->Improved Anti Headshot protection.


->Fixed Save and Load Settings not saving sometimes and not saving some items.
->Added Current Client Version to the menu.

We still prefer using higher SRC as it saves you from most of data error bans, But not using it doesn't mean you will get banned.
You can still upgrade your SRC version using the SRC.bat file in your UI folder, Make sure that the emulator is opened before running this bat. Do not run it with administrator privileges.

If SRC.bat doesn't work for you, Please use SRC2.bat.

Make sure to report us any problem and We would like to listen to your feedback and suggestions through our Telegram and Discord.