Anubis Changelogs
JUNE 05, 2021
Anubis has been updated to V2.1.0 - June 05, 2021.

►ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)

->Added Explosives/Throwables Warnings to Screen Tab.
->Added Draw Vehicles Gas and HP Option to Screen Tab.
->Added Godzilla Crystal Warning to the ESP.
->Added Radar to the overlay and moveable while menu is visible.
->Added Experimental Weapons to Items Tab.
->Improved player name drawing style to support more languages and symbols.
->Improved Drawing smoothness.
->Fixed Items showing wrong distance sometimes.
->Nearby Enemies Text is now moveable while menu is visible.


->Improved Memory Aimbot and it's safety.


->Downloading updates will be automatically bypassed on injection. If you want to disable updates bypass, Make sure to press F5 instantly after injection.