Anubis Changelogs
AUGUST 26, 2021
Anubis has been updated to V2.1.7 - August 26, 2021.

►ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)

->Added Enemies Squad Number
->Added Rare Vehicle Flare Gun
->Added Draw Radar Transparency Option
->Added Show Whitelist Warning Option
->Added Match ID to Game Statistics
->Added Draw Outer Vehicle Gas and Health Option
->Added Bot Mark Option
->Added Enable/Disable Aimbot key.
->Fixed sometimes not drawing Sanhok's Scooter.
->Fixed McLaren 570S, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Cybertruck not showing in Spawn Islands
->Fixed McLaren 570S not showing in Parachute
->Fixed Luxury Sports Car Air Drop not showing sometimes.
->Fixed Crashing issues when loading an unsaved menu.
->Fixed weird settings when loading an old settings version.
->Fixed Poisoned Apple bug.
->Fixed Warnings are being hidden while fight mode is enabled.
->Fixed End key not working
->Updated Vehicles ESP
->Detailed Nearby Enemies Warning has been updated.
->Enemies Name, Distance, Country and Weapon font sizes are now customizable.
->Fonts and Strokes has been adjusted for more stability and better drawing style.
->Radar transparency bug has been fixed.
->UI has been updated for the new Generation of Anubis.
->Radar size is now customizable.
->Warnings font size is now adjustable.
->Bullet Track has been renamed to Silent Aimbot


->Added Remove Silent Aimbot Limitations
->Added Exclamation mark in front of each danger feature to prevent false bans.
->Added Instant Hit v3
->Added Less Recoil v2
->Added Scope Crosshair
->Added Memory Macro
->Added Fast Run v2
->Added Luffy Hand
->Added Headshot Effect
->Added Rapid Fire
->Added Fog Remove
->Added Grass Remove
->Added slider to control the player speed of Fast Run v1.
->Fixed Magic Bullet
->God View now works with left and right sides.
->Silent Aimbot Prediction has been improved.


->Improved Security especially on SmartGaGa emulator.