Anubis Changelogs
OCTOBER 07, 2021
Anubis has been updated to V2.2.1 - October 07, 2021.

►ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)

->Added support to new gamemode: Metro Royale.
->Added Max Render Distance for Player, Bot and Friend esp.
->Friends system has been upgraded: You can now control friends esp like players/bots esp.
->Fixed Flora Menace's Frag Grenade
->Fixed Cell Matrix Players
->Fixed Bots Country Font Size
->Fixed Game Statistics Box bugs


->Patched more security functions
->Added optional game updates bypass: Pressing F6 key instantly after injection will bypass.


->Added Unlock Silent Aimbot Field of View: This feature allows you to shoot and hit backwards.
->Added Draw Silent Aimbot Enemy Details: You can now read the details of the enemy you are aiming at.
->Added Fake Ping Option to Memory Tab
->Re-added Grass remove and Fog remove features.
->Fixed Bullet Track Aim Line bugs
->Improved No spread: Now it works perfect in matches.
->Improved Magic Bullet: Hit chances are now higher.
->Improved UI padding.