Anubis Changelogs
JANUARY 13, 2022
Anubis has been updated to V2.2.7 - January 13, 2022.

►ESP(Extra Sensory Perception)

->Added option to remove texts border
->Added option to show/hide overlay notifications
->Added the following items: Spider Crate, Web Shooter, Spiderweb Ball and Shop Token.
->Improved performance in Cheer park mode and fixed bugs.
->UI has been improved and updated to Spider Man event and 1 Year Anniversary
->Fixed all other modes esp bugs.
->Fixed random notifications bug.


->Added support to all PUBGM versions of 1.8
->Added Optional Disable Memory Check to Security Component Tab
->Improved security and patched more functions.


->Added Quick Weapon Switch
->Added Increase Item Pick Up Range Option
->Added Fast Run v3 (can be used for fast landing too)
->Improved Silent Aimbot Prediction accuracy.
->Aim Position now supports switching between Head, Neck and Chest.